The Least Putrid Of Thinners & Halsbrod

All songs written by Thinners & Halsbrod
©  1967 - 1974 Hunk Music
except  Track 14 - 2005

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 1. Advice For Creeping Warmly
 2. Movin’ Blues
 3. Candy Floss
 4. Gentle Autumn Breeze
 5. God Knows I’ve Tried
 6. Didn’t Last Very Long
 7. New Day
 8. It’s No Good
 9. Two Biscuits, A Cake And A Rubber Book
10. You Gotta Know
11. Our Love Shall Not Be
12. Sing The Song ’Til The Morning
13. Vinegar Splash
14. Bosuns & Basins
15. Heaven Sent
16. O Silver Moon
17. Talk All Through The Night
18. Smell Of Ground; Hungry Shoe
19. We’re Together Now
20. If Life Is Free
21. There Ain’t No Way
22. The Questionable Journey
23. Time In My Mind
24. Snom Snom Taftin Magras
25. Thirteen Steps Asunder
You might ask
“How many more times
can this rubbish be recycled?”
But then isn’t that what you’re
supposed to do with rubbish?
These songs really are
something  - but no-one
knows what...
The songs written by one of the duo feature
a contribution from the other in the form
of instrument, voice, arrangement
decoration, brickwork or pointing.
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