Dave Fry


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 1. Cinderella Shoes
     (Ron Trueman-Border)
 2. You Never Wanted Me, Babe (Jackson C. Frank)
 3. Five O’Clock In The Morning (Dave Fry)
 4. Waltzing For Dreamers (Richard Thompson)
 5. I’m No Da Vinci
     (Tune: Dave Fry; Lyrics: Jill Pickering)
 6. Fighting For Strangers / Over the Hills And
     Far Away (Traditional, arr. Dave Fry)
     Mandolin/vocals:  Keith Adams
     Concertina/vocals: John Ellam
 7. Daedalus & Icarus
     (Tune: Dave Fry; Lyrics: Jill Pickering)
 8. Waiting For Someone
     (Dave Fry)
 9. The Setting (Ralph McTell) / Nancy (Eric Bogle)
     (arr. Dave Fry)
     Additional vocals: Keith Adams & John Ellam
10. Dance With Me (Jon Harvison)
11. Four Families (Tune: Dave Fry; Lyrics: Jill Pickering)
12. Sail Away (Pete Glyde)

The songs I’ve chosen obviously include self penned material. ‘Five O’Clock In The
Morning’ was written when I had to rise at this ungodly hour for work and after the
break-up of a serious relationship, hence the observations in the lyrics. ‘Waiting For
Someone’ is the story of a first date in the 60’s, when as a callow youth in Cumbria,
I was stood up outside the Ritz Cinema, Workington, sadly no longer there - the
cinema, that is, not Workington. My lyricist and good friend Jill Pickering lived for a
while on the paradise island of Cayman Brac in the Caribbean. ‘Four Families’ tells
the story of the early settlers from the neighbouring island of Grand Cayman escaping
religious persecution. The romantic side of her nature is reflected in the words for
‘Daedalus & Icarus’ and ‘I’m No Da Vinci’. Ron Trueman-Border is an amazing
songwriter and great inspiration, so I had to include one from him as a personal
tribute. Another favourite performer is Jon Harvison and I hope he likes this
arrangement of ‘Dance With Me’. ‘Sail Away’ was written by local guy Pete Glyde and
is always my encore when performing live. The remainder are songs I just love to sing
and hope my audience enjoys them as much as I do.