Silly Songs Second Set
All songs written by Norman Wheatley
©  2011 Waterlight Music
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This - as the song will explain in the introduction - is about words which
look the same but are pronounced differently such as “thought” and
“drought”. You might not think that would be funny - but it is...

The Rogue’s Wager
A song constructed from an old cartoon in the 70’s possibly by Robert
Crum. It’s in the form of a folk song which is why the accompaniment is
on a renaissance cittern, played by Ian Pittaway.

Common Sense
19 old jokes recycled into just four verses... and it’s not really rude -
it’s just that you can’t say certain words without  including some slightly
iffy ones...

The Dyslexic Boxer
A strange thought, but what would happen if someone with dyslexia
tried to learn a song like “The Boxer”? It’s not making fun of dyslexia
but sometimes anagrams are funny. To see the original lyrics along
with the amended version, click here

Business jargon has become so extreme (and disliked) that it’s
sometimes difficult to work out which phrases have genuinely been
used in brainstorming meetings Click here to find out which phrases
are “real”.
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