The Seasons They Go Round

This is a project featuring some of the songs that
I used to perform during the 70’s. The aim is to
to record them with other musicians

1. Circle Game (Joni Mitchell)
    This is the track which gives the title to the CD.
    Written in 1966 in response to a song by her
    friend Neil Young who thought he was too old
    at 20... The flute is played by Kate Barry.

2. Writer In The Sun  (Donovan)
    This song also dates from 1966 and has an
     astonishing feeling of world weariness
    given he was only just 20 years old.
    As before, the flute is played by Kate Barry.
Other songs to be included in this project:
    Sisters Of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
    Diary (David Gates)
    I Am Strangely Moved (Rosemary Hardman
                                               & Bob Axford)
    Danny’s Song (Kenny Loggins)
Norman Wheatley
Work In Progress:

On the following pages
you will find some demo
recordings of planned
albums or sometimes
just songs I’ve recorded
for the fun of it

The Seasons They
Go Round

New Oldies

“proper” songs

silly songs