Here are Norman Wheatley’s releases
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Apples & Wednesdays

July 2008

A collection of originals
and covers, both silly and
“sensible” mostly
performed as live”
Apples & Wednesdays
Fishing In A Field

April 2000

Rather more up- tempo
in feel and more
light-hearted in content
Fishing In A Field
Jury Of The Skies

June 2006

Fourteen original songs
great harmonies
and melodies
Jury Of The Skies
Looking Back At
 The View

March 1996

The first collection of
self-penned songs
with mostly acoustic
Norman Wheatley
Work In Progress:

On the following pages
you will find some demo
recordings of planned
albums or sometimes
just songs I’ve recorded
for the fun of it

The Seasons They
Go Round

New Oldies

“proper” songs

silly songs
Looking Back At The View